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Netflix New Releases: Ocean’s Eleven, Love Is Blind Season 3, Gladiator, and Other Movies & TV Shows Coming October 2022



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Something strange is in the air in October 2022, like Netflix subscription Owners are about to find tricks and surprises available to add to their broadcast queues. Seasonally scary delights like horror comedy and stop-motion Wendell Wildas well Scooby Doo Movies, to the library next month. However, this does not mean ancient preparations like eleventh ocean triple and the gladiator I have no leeway to bring strength and honor to the people in the house.

Before we dive too far into the future, you can always reconsider Netflix schedule for September 2022. There’s a lot of excitement debuting over the past month from streaming add-ons, and there may be more Halloween-friendly titles you may have forgotten about. At this point, it’s time to get ready to see what October 2022 will bring to the big red broadcast giant!

Russell Crowe in Wrestler

(Image credit: DreamWorks Pictures)

New on Netflix Available October 1st: Gladiator, The Ocean’s Trilogy, Point Break, and more