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S3x Workers Pulls Off Client`s Privates Over Unpaid Bill



A Zimbabwean man was left injured when four prostitutes pulled off his privates for failing to sort a $4 bill after spending the night with one of them.

Appearing before court yesterday, the accused, Shelter Chinomwe (33) Maria Sengai (21), Mavis Chinomwe (27) and Dorcas Sengai (age not given) pleaded not guilty to four counts of indecent assault in connection with the attack on Mr Tadiwa Chinhamo (23).

The quartet was, however, convicted due to overwhelming evidence. They were each sentenced to 315 hours of community service at an area in the country.

The magistrate said the sex workers treated the complainant in a “dehumanising” manner.

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“You deserve severe punishment because of your behaviour. You should not have acted in the manner you did.

“You undressed the complainant and pulled his private parts in the presence of members of the public that included children,” said Magistrate Madiba.

For the State, Ms Nancy Makuvise told the court that sometime last month, one of the accused, Dorcas Sengai met Mr Chinhamo and they agreed to engage in paid sex.

“On the day in question, Mr Chinhamo met Sengai, a sex worker at a certain Bar in Mucheke suburb and the two decided to be intimate at the latter’s house in the same suburb.

“The two had quality time until the following morning and Mr Chinhamo was charged $4 for the services. He however, he decided to leave the room without paying,” said Ms Makuvise.

She said Dorcas teamed up with the three other accused persons and they undressed Chinhamo and pulled his private parts in full view of residents who included children.

She said Chinhamo was rescued by some residents.

After the incident, Mr Chinhamo went home but a resident had already made a report at Police Station leading to the arrest of the four women.

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