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Spot Lega mentions Radiofreccia, Accorsi and Ligabue ‘hands off’ – Politics & More Latest News Here



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An electoral commercial of the Lega di Salvini, which has gone viral, mimics the comparative campaign of the Pd di Letta, relaunches the violent audio of the former head of cabinet of the mayor of Rome Gualtieri, Albino Ruberti and uses the famous passage of the ‘secular creed ‘by Stefano Accorsi in the film Radiofreccia. Domenico Procacci for Fandango, Luciano Ligabue and Stefano Accorsi, respectively producer, author and actor of the 1998 film, formally warned, through their lawyers, the “Lega per Salvini Premier” from the use of the audio track with Accorsi’s voice, taken from Radiofreccia “illegitimately” – they say in a note – and inserted in an election video currently broadcast on all social media and taken up by the press. The short film “which embarrasses the Democratic Party, based on a true story …” – as the spot is titled – begins with a young woman who looks at the computer and listens to Accorsi’s song. You are on 1 June 2022 in Frosinone. Shortly after the screams are heard and the camera frames a video with the scoop of the sheet: it is Ruberti who shouts “you have to kneel … I’ll kill you, I swear I’ll kill you … I’ll shoot you”.

The voiceover of the professional voice actor says ‘they have no mercy’. The next scene is a fake of the Democratic Party’s election poster with the foreground of Enrico Letta on a red field ‘Kneeling or I’ll shoot you’ and on a blue field ‘Italia standing’ with the symbol of the League. “Let’s turn on the light after the darkness of the Democratic Party”: Viale Mazzini, Mirafiori in Turin, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Hotel House Porto Recanati and the port of Lampedusa “. The League” used “the” secular creed “of Radiofreccia for the own electoral campaign, “without asking for any authorization (which would not have been granted), and with grave contempt of the law on copyright”, reads the Fandango note. In the warning Procacci, Ligabue and Accorsi “contested the very serious violation of their rights on the film and the unscrupulous use of the same in a presentation to the public that also clearly suggests an adhesion to the content of the message, from which they radically dissociate themselves. “The warning” contains an invitation to immediate removal from the video of any element taken from the film and reserves the widest legal protection, both in civil and criminal matters “.