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Stormlight Archives Next RPG in 2024



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Brandon Sanderson and Brotherwise Games have announced plans to develop a tabletop role-playing game based on the hit fantasy series. Stormlight Archive. The new game was announced last night during Sanderson’s weekly live streamIt features Brotherwise Games co-founder Johnny O’Neill. Stormlight RPG It’s still early days in development, but O’Neal indicated that they were in the process of putting together a team of RPG designers and editors and would also be reaching out to their fan base in the coming months to see what they want in the upcoming game. the new Stormlight RPG Its launch is tentatively scheduled for 2024.

Stormlight Archive It is one of the founding series of Cosmere, a shared universe of fantasy books written by Sanderson. The books revolve around a storm-torn world and focus on remaking Knights Radiant, warriors with magical power with blades that can slash just about everything and slash giant shields. With a cast of hundreds of characters and a story full of puzzles and shocking revelations, the first four books of Stormlight Archive All are best sellers.

Brotherwise Games is also developing a premium collection Stormlight Archive Miniatures, with a Kickstarter for Miniatures that has already raised over $2.2 million. O’Neill noted that one of his first jobs in the table industry was writing articles for it the Dragon magazine (magazine focused on dungeons and dragons) And that’s his Call adventure The game is very much based on the RPG on the table. Brotherwise Games has also released a Stormlight Archive A copy of Call adventure.

It may be a while before we hear more details about the upcoming RPG, including whether it will use the rules of 5e, another game engine, or be fully developed from the ground up. However, will report any details about new games as they become available.

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