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The mistake Queen Elizabeth II did not forgive herself for, her greatest regret



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Queen Elizabeth II Live a fulfilling life like United kingdom Monarch for the better part of seven decades. However, there is one moment in her reign that has always had her regrets and made her feel remorse throughout her life. This came in October 1966. Aberfan, Wales It is where tragedy struck the village as the spoiler tip of a mine shaft collapsed onto a school.

This disaster caused the deaths of 144 people, including 116 children from an elementary school. I demanded all the moments that followed the tragedy queen To come and show her presence at such a difficult time. But instead, she sent her husband to school Prince Philip. The failure to attend the scene of the tragedy was heavily criticized by the media.

After 9 days, the Queen finally came. It was one of the few times Queen Elizabeth II shed tears in public, and this tragedy affected her deeply. Among all the children in the school. 116 of them were killed and 145 survived. The queen vowed to make up for her belated response, and she visited Aberfan four more times during her lifetime.

One of those times was used for the Queen to open a new school in honor of all the dead children. But she always regrets that she did not go to the site immediately after their death, which is known as Her Majesty’s greatest regret. All those times I visited after that was seen as an attempt to right her wrong. Regardless, the late Queen is believed to have regretted very little in her life.

Netflix series The Crown is showing the full episode of the Aberfan disaster

In season 3 of The Crown from Netflix, This moment in the Queen’s life story got a full hour of storytelling in Episode 3. The parallels between the fictional story and what actually happened are astounding. You can watch it now, it doesn’t need to watch any previous episodes if you haven’t watched the other two seasons of the show.


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