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The “perfect storm” that worries the world’s greats & More Latest News Here



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AGI – If the evolution of events, and of history, had its predictable regularity, the one that opened in New York would have been the General Assembly of the return, of the rebirth, after three years of pandemic. The United Nations would have celebrated the success of the vaccination and the economic recovery after the long lockdown.

Instead, the UN headquarters (which for two years was reduced to being a screen) it finds itself welcoming the world’s greats in a gloomy and uncertain climate. With nations that are anything but united and that risk being swept away by what the secretary general, Antonio Guterres, called the “perfect storm”.

“The purchasing power crisis is unleashed, trust crumbles, inequalities skyrocket, our planet burns, people suffer, especially the most vulnerable” and despite this “we are blocked by a colossal global dysfunction”Guterres vented.

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“These crises threaten the very future of humanity and the fate of the planet”, he warned before launching his prediction of “a winter of discontent looming on the horizon”.

In his long pessimistic speech on the future of the planet, Guterres acknowledged his powerlessness in the face of “political divisions that undermine the work of the Security Council, international law, people’s trust and faith in democratic institutions”. “We can’t go on like this”, he resigned himself.

Adding to the ravages of the pandemic is the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has exacerbated rising food and energy prices, causing food insecurity for millions of people around the globe. “We are not resigned to the fracturing of the world“French President Emmanuel Macron said in a speech in which he urged all leaders to reject the” new order “of division that” imperialist “Russia is trying to impose with the Ukrainian War.

The head of the Elysée, who has a habit of finding a side of optimism even in the most convoluted dossiers, hopes for a “collective shock” to “build a new contract between North and South”. This becomes more urgent, if possible, after the senseless war in Ukraine launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We all have a role to play in ending it as we all pay the price“Macron said.

For his part, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, said – in his first speech before the leaders of the world – that we are facing a “new fragmentation” after years of hope since the end of the Cold War and the reunification of his country. . “The great world crises pile up before us, combine and reinforce each other. Some have even seen it as a harbinger of a world without rules“he warned.

But the world is not just what Macron and Scholz are talking about. It is not just about Russia and the West. In the world there are also Latin Americans and Africans who pay the price of war but without wanting to be part of it, in any way. They then called for a negotiated solution to the conflict. And there are those among African leaders, in order not to take a stand, managed to deliver his speech without mentioning either Russia or Ukraine.

Criticism of the sanctions

“They have damaged the economic recovery and have threatened the human rights of vulnerable populations, even in European countries”, recalled the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro before warning that “the stability, security and prosperity of the human being are seriously at risk if the conflict persists or spreads “.

Faced with the European desire to drag Latin America to its side against Moscow, the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, expressed himself with a sharp refusal: “Do not pressure us to align on the war fields. Let the Slavic peoples talk to each other“.

Southern countries also fear that the fight against climate change could be another collateral victim of the conflict. Two months at the COP27 climate conference in Egypt, poor countries, at the forefront of the devastating impact of uninflicted global warming, are struggling to persuade economic powers to deliver on their pledges of financial aid.

In this sense, Guterres, who made the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions a priority, urged industrialized countries to tax the exceptional profits generated by fossil fuels to help the countries affected by the impact of climate change and the affected populations. from inflation.

But Ukraine will continue to be at the center of the debate. Today, President Volodymy Zelensky is speaking, extraordinarily authorized to participate on video. But above all the American president, Joe Biden, intervenes. Usually the head of the White House speaks second, after Brazil, but Queen Elizabeth’s funeral involved more than a tweak to the lineup. Great absent Putin and the Chinese Xi Jinping.

The “perfect storm” that worries the world’s greats
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The “perfect storm” that worries the world’s greats
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The “perfect storm” that worries the world’s greats
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