The State Chamber Orchestra Sinfonietta Rīga will open the GORS new concert season with concerts on September 23 at the Great Guild and on September 24 at the Embassy of Latgale. Under the leadership of conductor Normund Schne, Robert Schumann’s First Symphony (“Spring”) and Johannes Brahms’ Violin Concerto will be performed, in which Vineta Sareika will be the soloist. Vineta is interviewed by Inta Pīrāga about Brahms’ masterpiece, his work in the “Berlin Philharmonic” and other creative current events.

Vineta Sareika: “Among the violin concertos of his contemporaries, in my opinion, Brahms’s violin concerto is the one in which the violinist is not given the bright, virtuoso leading position in front of the orchestra, but is a full-scale symphony with an integrated solo violin voice. Very often, or even mostly, the main themes and melodies are played it is the soloists of the orchestra and the violin has an accompanying role.

It is this feeling of chamber music that is the most important for me this time, because it is not the orchestra and the conductor who follow me and accompany me, but it is interaction and active music making together.

At some point, of course, I have a theme, but then in one hundredth of a second I have to change roles and become the servant of the oboe or the accompanist of the flute and viola group. In collaboration with Sinfonietta Riga is really great, because everyone is a very active musician and gives musical impulses.”

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