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Watch Islamist Mohammed Hijab Incites Violence Against Hindus In Leicester As Muslim Population Goes On A Rampage And UK Police Watches On, Video Goes Viral On Twitter



Controversial Islamist Social Media Influencer Mohammed Hijab has been spotted in Leicester after the city experienced communal unrest with his video imploring Muslims to attack Hindus in the UK viral on Twitter

Following the India-Pakistan Asia Cup cricket match on August 28, there were fights between supporters of both countries in Leicester city of United Kingdom. However, soon this cricket rivalry took a vicious turn and turn into a communal rivalry between Hindus and Muslims of Leicester.

Islamist Mohammed Hijab Incites Violence Against Hindus In Leicester As Muslim Population Goes On A Rampage And UK Police Watches On, Video Goes Viral On Twitter

On September 18, it became another horrible turn and turn it into a riot. Many credible media sources tell that it was pre-planned violence against the Indian community in the eastern England city of Leicester.

Rashmi Sawant, a human rights activist, claims that a temple has been vandalized and that vehicles and other belongings of the Hindu community have been damaged in Leicester.

Videos that are making the rounds online depict a guy tearing down a flag outside of a temple on Melton Road in Leicester and another being set on fire.

Three days after a conflict between Muslim and Hindu organizations in Leicester, United Kingdom, that required police involvement, the city’s streets are quiet, but anxiety still hangs in the air.

According to the BBC, the incident left sixteen police officers and a police dog hurt. 47 individuals have been detained thus far, and one was jailed after admitting to having a firearm in his hands.

While the police are trying to find out everyone who incited this violence, one name has cropped up in this whole fiasco. He is Mohammed Hijab, an influential Islamist Youtuber who has a history to incite people in the name of Islam.

Many people right now trying to find out more about him. So, here’s what we know about him:

Who Is Mohammed Hijab?

Mohammed Hijab is a controversial British-Egyptian social media influencer who has 597K subscribers on YouTube, 80.9K subscribers on Twitter, and 146K followers on Instagram. With interests in political philosophy and theology, he describes himself as an author and researcher.

He mostly publishes information that is controversial and relates to Muslims and Islam with a younger readership in mind. He is a frequent visitor to Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park, where he is known to promote Islamic supremacy and antisemitic opinions.

What Is He Doing In Leicester?

Hijab, a known agitator, was apparently spotted in Leicester, which is alarming. The YouTuber has been monitoring the situation and retweeting information from Majid Freeman, a city activist who was directly involved in the violence over the weekend.

Hateful tweets and retweets on Hindus and India appear everywhere on Hijab’s Twitter account.

Hijab published a video of a group of purported Hindus marching through the streets of Leicester on his YouTube channel. He can be seen inciting Muslims in the city, calling Hindus “gangsters,” and ridiculing the faith in another video that has received 1.8 lakh views. He warned the community, “Don’t ever come out like that again.”

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