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WhatsApp chat of man begging girlfriend after she threatened to dump him for offering her N40k (Screenshot)



man girlfriend reject N40k

A conversation between a man and his woman on WhatsApp has surfaced online and generated massive reactions due to the attitude of the the girl.

The girl chatted up her boyfriend and informed him that she was in need of money, in response, he asked how much.

In the screenshot shared by Tunde Ednut, she demanded for N50,000 but he said said that it’s only N40,000 he could part with. This provoked her and she threatened to leave him.

She insisted on getting the N50k or she would break up. On seeing what his girlfriend wrote, the guy immediately started begging her.

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He sent messages in quick succession asking her to send her account number, but after a few unreplied chats, she then told him not to rush her that she would do it at her own time.

Read the conversation below:

See how netizens reacted..

jiggy_ii; Kayamata successfully tested ✅

akwa__ugo; Na wa ooo una dey see man wey dey send una money 😂😂 lucky y”all

ana_ish23; This kinda dude or nothing 😂😂😂😂

petermic_; na mumu guy dey go boutique😂

stainface; God no go let me Dey beg woman wey I wan help.

blessin014; Na only 10k I need bayi and person dey harass another person for 50k 😂

petermic_; them dey carry that guy go where e no no ooo

callmedamy; Ah which baba do am …make una dey share update 😂😂

In similar news, a Nigerian man known as Tommy Viccetti on Twitter, has shared the message he received from his date that made him change his mind about going out with her.

They made arrangements for her to come and meet him at an undisclosed location, but when time reached and he informed her that the driver he ordered was waiting, she asked him for airtime to call.

Feeling disappointed with her response, Tommy told her not to bother about coming because he has already canceled the ride.

Sharing the screenshot on Twitter, he declared that he would stop having anything to do with girls who are financially handicapped.

”Naaah, I’m done with broke girls,” he wrote.