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When Chicago Fire Britt and Casey have to make some tough decisions about their relationship in Season 11



Chicago fire Viewers have been waiting nearly four months to see what happens after the end of Season 10. Although the most dangerous cliffhanger is one who confronts Severide and Kidd on their wedding night (and models have previewed it there The ‘Price Paid’ will be in that story), Britsi fans couldn’t help but wonder what the future holds (or doesn’t hold) for Britt and Casey. Models Andrea Newman and Derek Haas have previewed the answers on the way, and when fans will get them soon.

While Stellaride’s wedding was a happy affair once they were finally able to tie the knot again in the spring, Britt almost cried when she and Casey (With the return of Jesse Spencer For the first time since episode 200) she has to confront the fact that her life and work is in Chicago while Casey returns to Portland. She wanted to know how long they could keep up with the distance between themselves and so much time; Casey had no answer other than they were “tonight”.