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Why shouldn’t fans care



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Cardinal fans shouldn’t have to worry after the team chose superstar potential client Nolan Gorman to Triple-A Memphis.

The St. Louis Cardinals raised some eyebrows late on Monday night when they announced the downgrading of rookie Nolan Gorman to make way for fellow rookie Juan Ypez.

But with the Cardinals approaching October, the team must do its best on the field. Head coach Ole Marmol was frustrated by the team’s lack of attacking over the weekend against the Cincinnati Reds. Giving them their best lineup meant making a change, and Gorman wasn’t doing his best.

Yepez, a youngster who can hit and play on and off the court, has improved since he was demoted to AAA Memphis in late August. Yepez was hitting .277/.341/.580 with an OPS of 0.921 at Memphis.

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What led to the demotion of Norman Gorman?

When the season started in Memphis, Gorman left St. Louis with no choice but to promote as he hit .308/.367/.677 with 15 home points and 23 RBI over 34 games.

In the last 30 days, Gorman has been hitting .200/.273/.367 with 18 hits, 3 home runs, 10 RBI in nine runs and an amazing 35 hits. But in the past seven days, the numbers have been worse. In his seven games, Gorman was hitting 0.150/.261/.400 with three hits, a home run, two RBI, three runs, and nine hits.

Looks like other teams are starting to get to know Gorman.

Gorman should use this reduction as an opportunity to improve the board and make some adjustments. It is not clear if they will push Gorman to return before ...-season.

In the meantime, St. Louis would be fine without his services. Fellow rookie Brendan Donovan was a gem with the ability to play multiple positions, including second base. Tommy Edman won the Golden Glove at second base and spent most of the season on short notice while the team waited for improvement from Paul DeJong. While DeJong is still improving on the board, he plays well on Shortstop and can spell Edman if he needs a day.

What does the return of yeps mean to the cardinals?

Yepez’s bat and personality are needed. He can play corner field, corner field, and designated batting positions.

Yepez will be necessary while the Cardinals try to figure out their position on the field. With Tyler O’Neal and Dylan Carlson both spending time on the hit list, Yebbs missed. O’Neill is on the injured list, with Carlson returning to the squad over the weekend. Cory Dickerson has spent time on the outside corner posts, and Lars Knottbar will be working right and center. Donovan was also an option in the corner. Call-ups Ben DeLuzio and Alec Burleson are also trying to get their way.

Yepez Marmol will provide options to anchor their stadium as we advance in full force into the October and baseball season.