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Boxer Isiah Jones Shot Dead By Family Member, Know His Age, Family, Brother, Children, Trainer, Career Record, Wiki, Death News



There are rumours that Isiah Jones, who passed away at the age of 28, was shot in the head, know his record and family of the boxer

According to Isiah Jones’ trainer, Roshawn Jones (no relation), who spoke with The Ring about the boxer’s activities, the boxer was apparently arguing with his brother.

Boxer Isiah Jones Shot Dead By Family Member, Know His Age, Family, Brother, Children, Trainer, Career Record, Wiki And Death News

What Did Detriot Police Has To Say About Isiah Jones Death?

The Detroit Police Department told The Ring that a man with that age and name was shot and killed by a family member at about 6:26 p.m. in the 9300 block of Stout Street, but that no other information is available at this time.

Isiah Jones, who turned pro after winning the 2016 National Golden Gloves. And also fought on DAZN, was found dead. And an inquiry into his death has been opened as a possible case of murder.

What Was Isiah Jones Career All About?

He has a professional record of 9-7 with 3 knockouts and a record of 52-2 as an amateur. Isiah Jones had recently rejoined the Roshawn Jones camp before his most recent fight, which took place in July and ended in a defeat at the hands of Andrew Murphy by unanimous decision. At the time of his passing, Jones was training and seeking another match.

Isiah Jones’ boldness in the ring is what people should remember most about him, according to Roshawn Jones.

Due to the fact that he did not refuse fights, he entered every bout knowing that the deck was stacked against him. He possessed the necessary amount of bravery to steal them. He could have gone the path that was less difficult and simply embellished his record, “said Roshawn Jones, who also coaches up-and-coming challenger Charles Conwell, to The Ring. Jones is a trainer.

He Was Father Of Two Children!

Jones says that Isiah Jones had two children and would often fight hard battles just to support them.

Isiah Jones was a wonderful parent and always made sure that his children were taken care of. He put in a lot of effort every day. Even if he wasn’t flawless, he was nonetheless a wonderful person, despite the fact that nobody is. He was a wonderful example to follow in the fitness centre, and he could make you grin and laugh. “Extremely low-key and deferential,” said Roshawn Jones.

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