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Five trends for AEW after AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam



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The All Elite Wrestling fans are seeing today is not the All Elite Wrestling that company boss Tony Khan had in mind at the beginning of this month. Aew all out The promotion once again put it on top of a rivalry between CM Punk and MJF with AEW Executive Vice President Kenny Omega and Young Bucks as the leader of a thriving trio division. An ill-timed injury and a chaotic press conference later caused plans to shift, as AEW moved forward without these four men on the next episode of television. While he did not address the controversy directly, Khan made plans to crown the new title holders.

The AEW World Trios titles will be decided on the same September 8th AEW Dynamite, where the Death Triangle defeated best friends and Orange Cassidy to become the new three-man champion. The AEW World Title will be decided in the Champions Tour, which started at that time dynamite It culminated in AEW Dynamite: Grand SlamJon Moxley finished with the gold medal again.

Like last year’s event, Big bangs It’s built to impress the pay-per-view genre, with tournament matches and indoor divisions augmenting upcoming title bouts. However, the show was built around defining the company’s next world champion, which served as a reminder that despite their daring mindset, AEW is still feeling the repercussions. Everyone is outside.

with Big bangs In the rear view, AEW is in full “go now” mode, and this excellent card has left the company with plenty of attractive directions for venturing into the next.

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Keith Lee vs Swerve Strickland

In one of the night’s biggest moments, Swerve in our Glory lost his label titles to The Acclaimed. Now that they’re without gold, it’s only a matter of time before singles stars Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland go their separate ways.

The two complimented each other as a tag team, but they always hung out with each other through a topic in the character department. Lee is a strong darling, while Strickland is a rocking heel. Their loss didn’t result in the full heel turn from the Swerve that many expected, but it may be on its way.

However, this may be more slow than expected. AEW currently features two teams of teams that have turned rival stories, with Powerhouse Hobbs battling Ricky Starks and Luchasaurus against Jack Perry’s “Jungle Boy”. Both of these feuds have big guys as heels, so putting Lee as the face of Goliath and Swerve as the heel David would be a welcome change. Having said that, AEW might wait until one of these two feuds is over before another angle of the tag team’s internal meltdown begins.

What comes out of this is the most interesting. AEW gets Lee in his full solo glory, which as evidenced by his NXT career, has a world cap. Swerve also gets a chance to be a stylish solo heel and can be a foil to take on champions like Moxley or Wardlow.

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Ring of Honor by Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is the Ring of Honor Champion in 2022. That’s a true sentence.

In the most shocking result of AEW Dynamite: Grand SlamHe defeated sports-entertainment fan Claudio Castagnoli by infamous means to claim his eighth world title, the ROH Championship. Based on ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia’s behavior at a backstage celebration with the Jericho Appreciation Society, this appears to be the latest seed planted in a long-running story between the two.

Garcia is frustrated that Jericho relied on cheating to win his matches. Jericho is unhappy with Garcia’s lack of commitment to seeing JAS. The two haven’t hit the full blow yet, but Garcia and Jericho’s clash is inevitable.

The pay-per-view method for ROH has not yet been announced, but a The last battle It will likely be broadcast before the end of the year. The addition of Jericho to this show gives it instant star power, and the location of the culmination of this months-long narrative for Garcia makes it all the more hype.

Being Jericho at the forefront of ROH for the foreseeable future gives the floating brand a chance to define its identity. Having stars who represent ROH’s vision like Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson and mobilizing Briscoe around the company to deprive hacker sports artists would help define what ROH is to an audience unfamiliar with.

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Acclaimed leadership of the revitalized tag division

All Elite Wrestling broke onto the scene in 2019 with one of the deepest tag divisions a professional wrestling crew has ever seen. Duos like Young Bucks, Lucha Brothers, Best Friends, and SCU helped focus on tag wrestling, and the division has grown even stronger since then.

Although many of the original teams remained with the roster, the men who formed them around the card have been reassigned. Phoenix and the Pentagon are triple champions with Buck. “Forest Boy” Jack Perry and Luchasaurus quarrel with each other. The Young Bucks is currently suspended.

While this may sound like a disruption, the new AEW Tag Champions have the opportunity to form a renewed Tag Division. Max Caster and Anthony Bowens can replay it with the Gunn Club, mix it up with any group from the Jericho Appreciation Society, or even put it all on the line against FTR.

Going forward, The Acclaimed could be a gateway for new tag teams to feature on AEW TV. As two singles started AEW DarkIt is surprising how much untapped talent is waiting for its moment.

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Saraya vs Brett Baker

Saraya is All Elite, and she seems to immediately set her sights on it.

Former Paige made her AEW debut at Big bangs, to help AEW Women’s Champion Tony Storm and Athena while simultaneously staring at Brett Baker. It hasn’t been officially announced that Saraya will wrestle in AEW, but it looks like the roads are leading to a comeback in the ring.

Saraya vs. Baker is a breath of fresh air for AEW’s women’s division. It is not just a dream for both competitors, but it is restructuring how new women enter the company for the better. All Elite Wrestling has welcomed many well-traveled superstars (Ruby Soho, Athena) by promptly getting them into the title shows, but when that doesn’t lead to a championship victory, it kills momentum.

Storm prepares for a collision course with Lineal Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa once she’s allowed to compete. Instead of putting Saraya in a temporary title dispute that likely won’t lead to W, slowly build up their momentum by awarding them wins over top talent, starting with a women’s division showdown.

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Jon Moxley vs. MJF

Jon Moxley and Maxwell Jacob Friedman in a fight for the AEW World Title is a question of not if, but when.

When Mox and Danielson became embroiled in a civil war at the Blackpool Combat Club for the AEW Grand Prix, MJF sat in Arthur Ashe’s squeeze box with the poker chip for his number one competitor. Without saying a word, MJF’s phrases tell the whole story. He was noticeably mobile when the two of them were hitting each other. He flinched sarcastically at some obnoxious fall. He smiled shyly as soon as Danielson died.

No doubt MJF will get up to the mic again to officially set his sights on Mox, but Earth Salt hasn’t made his motives accurate in the weeks prior. past weeks dynamite He saw Friedman giving a grim warning straight to Moxley about the “bad things” that happen when people get in his way.

Consistent with a retainer always waiting in the wings, look for someone like W Morrissey of The Firm to lead the attacks on Moxley in the coming weeks in an effort to ease him from the inevitable MJF title match. That would be the obvious destination AEW Bean Gear In November, but if AEW sees money in the long game with MJF’s poker chip, Friedman could simply hover around Moxley over the coming months. He can get into conflicts with someone like Utah Wheeler, with whom he verbally quarrels Big smash hitsBefore the focus returns to Moxley comes the new year.