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Indian Cricket Team Mantains Appalling Silence As Hindus And Hindu Temples Are Attacked By Deranged Muslim Population In Leicester And Birmingham Clash After India vs Pakistan Asia Cup Match 2022



Roughly, 200 Anti-Hindu Islamists attacked a Hindu temple in Birmingham while chanting ‘Allah-Hu-Akbar,’ with the clash now spreading across the UK by Muslim hoodlums

The incident occurred just days after Islamist mobs wreaked havoc on Hindus in Leicester.

Indian Cricket Team Mantains Appalling Silence After Hindus And Hindu Temples Are Attacked By Deranged Muslim Population In Leicester And Birmingham Clash After India vs Pakistan Asia Cup Match 2022

Videos of the incident have gone viral on social media ever since depicting some terrifying visuals.

Anti-Hindu Attack In Birmingham

On September 20, a 200-strong mob of masked Islamists circled Durga Bhawan Hindu Centre located on Spon Lane in Smethwick town in West Midlands, England. The protest started after a call for “peaceful protests” was made on social media.

The so-called peace protest turned out to be more of an intimidating tactic of the Islamists. The protest was organized against the already-postponed event of Sadhvi Ritambhara.

Sadhvi’s team had announced that the UK trip stood postponed owing to her poor health on September 16 itself. Despite this, the Islamists decided to go ahead with the “protest” outside the Hindu temple. The Islamist mob were heard chanting Allah-Hu-Akbar during the protest.

Several People Share Videos

ISKCON’s Radharamn Das shared a video where Islamists can be seen hurling abuses toward the Hindus inside the temple premises. The protestors were chanting Allah-Hu-Akbar, and some of them even went on to climb the fence wall.

Though police were present at the scene, video evidence showed that the number of Police Personnel was far less and not adequately equipped to handle a 200-strong mob of Islamists. Notably, most of the Islamist protestors were seen wearing masks in the video.

Not Enough Policemen

Towards the end of the video, Police personnel can be seen making announcements asking the mob to move back. The video also shows some Police officials equipped with batons approaching the temple to control the mob.

In another video shared by author Ratan Sharda, Police can be seen forming a chain in front of the temple wall while using their batons to push the mob away. The video showed some few Hindus inside the premises recording the whole incident. All this occurred while the unruly mob continued to chant Allah-Hu-Akbar and hurled abuses toward Hindus.

Gayatri also shared a video from the same angle as Ratan Sharda’s, where it shows Police approaching the mob that was at the wall and pushing them away while they kept raising slogans.

Activist Rashmi Samant also shared a video of the incident and wrote, “Birmingham Durga temple yesterday. I wonder how Islamists get a free pass to bully Hindus, lie blatantly and get away on NDTV.”

Writer and commentator Wasiq of Henry Jackson Society shared a threatening video of one of the Islamists. In the video, the Islamist warned Hindu supporters of BJP and RSS that they were not welcomed in the UK.

He said:

This is a message from Birmingham to the BJP and RSS Hindutva supporters. You are not welcome in Birmingham. You are not welcome in Leicester. You are not welcomed anywhere in the UK. None of your speakers, none of your hate speakers, are allowed to organize this b**lsh*t. We are now here outside the Mandir. It is a peaceful protest of more than 200 people. We just want to let you know if you come down, we are all gonna be here for you. Even the speaker cancelled look how many turned up.

He further indicated that they did not have any issue with the Hindus of the UK as they grew up with them, but they would not allow the “supporters of RSS and BJP” to come to the UK.

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