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Is Netflix’s Jamtara Based on a True Story?



Created by Soumendra Padhi, Netflix’s ‘Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega,’ AKA ‘Jamtara,’ is an Indian crime series that follows some youngsters from the district of Jamtara in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Using their social engineering skills, the group of young men start phishing people over the phone and raking in cash. However, Brajesh Bhaan, a corrupt politician, becomes aware of their actions and wants to be a part of the racket as well. Meanwhile, the area’s new Police superintendent decides that the scammers need to be stopped at all costs.

Starring Amit Sial, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and Aksha Pardasany, the show’s thrilling elements make the viewers wonder which side to choose. There is plenty of family drama, political commentary, and crime fighting to keep the audience entertained throughout. However, the realistic nature of the story has many asking if the plot is inspired by real-life events or purely a fictional tale. Well, we are here to answer the same came and delve deeper into the topic.

Is Jamtara a True Story?

‘Jamtara’ is partially based on a true story. The show’s creator Soumendra Padhi was inspired to make the series after he came across an article in 2015. According to the said news piece, a group of young men with barely any educational background were running a successful scam racket that was targeting people from Indian metropolitan cities like Delhi and Kolkata. Intrigued by the story, Padhi and his team decided to do their research and find out just how deep the rabbit hole went.

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One of the most commonly accepted reasons why Jamtara became a hub for such rackets came due to the area’s less-than-stellar infrastructure and police supervision. Major Indian cities like Delhi or Mumbai apparently have an active cyber crime department, which makes running scams difficult. But for areas like Jamtara, even regular police supervision is allegedly hard to come by, let alone anything in the realm of cyberspace. That is not to say that law enforcement did not do anything once the problem came to light. In fact, Jaya Roy, the Jamtara Superintendent of Police (SP), was the inspiration behind the character of SP Dolly Sahu in the Netflix show.

Jaya Roy started cracking down on the scam rings in the area under her jurisdiction and became known for her diligent work. Since her time as Jamtara’s SP, Roy has gone on to become a part of India’s National Investigation Agency. However, the district of Jamtara remains one of the biggest cybercrime centers in India. Police stations located in small towns like Karmatar and Narayanpur in Jamtara see have high numbers when it comes to complaints lodged concerning cybercrime.

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The area has also seen a rise in the number of police officers that visit Jamtara from other regions in India due to such crimes. In March of 2022, the Kolkata police accused and arrested a 20-year-old man named Ajay Mandal of hiring 30 youngsters for his criminal actions. Apparently, 2,500 Kolkata residents had been scammed out of a grand total of INR 8.16 crore (INR 81.6 million). Mandal was the 13th person to have been arrested by Kolkata law enforcement for this case.

The notoriety of Jamtara, when it came to phishing scams, inspired Soumendra Padhi to create a story that took elements from a real-life situation and weave a thrilling tale. However, there have been certain elements in the show that do not correspond to reality. The character of Brajesh Bhaan and the depiction of the area’s political landscape are fictional, though undeniably influenced by India’s political landscape and figures. Through different realistic stories and the creative license used by Soumendra Padhi and writers Trishant Srivastava and Nishank Verma, we get ‘Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega.’

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