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Jeffrey Dean Morgan of The Walking Dead shares unpleasant thoughts on how to deal with the news of Negan Spinoff



Although one of the biggest pop culture juggernauts of the last decade is coming to an end soon, the walking DeadAMC’s general presence isn’t going away, thanks to AMC’s plans focused on the solo show of the future. (Not to mention a lot of merchandise from behind the TV series.) Jeffrey Dean Morgan A bloodstained legacy as a villainous reformer Negan It will continue beyond the conclusion of .’s main drama New York City Popup This is now called The Walking Dead: The Dead City. It’s great to know that actress and co-star Lauren Cohan will be carrying the torch for the limited series, the timing of the announcement wasn’t perfect at the time, and Morgan did share some less than agreeable (though totally SFW) thoughts about AMC that may have failed to come up.

Fans were told the news that Negan and Maggie would be collaborating on a follow-up project, and then they were contacted Isle of the Dead, back in March, before the eight mid-season episodes of Season 11 finished airing. The move in some ways removed all cause for concern about the fate of any of the characters for the remainder of the season, said Jeffrey Dean Morgan. EW He doesn’t think this was the right move, admitting that it was a far cry from his calling to make it.

This is not the way we should have gone. But this is how it was chosen to play. And who knows? Maybe we couldn’t keep the secret. But it seems to me that we could have given her a chance. I was going to try to do it differently, but look, that’s way above my salary grade.