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Jurnee Smollett Siblings: Jussie Smollett, Jazz Smollett, Jocqui Smollett, Jake Smollett, Jojo Smollett



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Jurnee Smollett

The Jazz Smollett siblings moreover embrace Jurnee Smollett.

She was born on October 1, 1986, and is an actor.

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She gained notoriety on the television current On Our Own as a youthful actress.

Additionally, she carried out Denise Frazier in 12 episodes of the legendary and enduringly well-known sitcom Full House.

When she starred throughout the acclaimed film Eve’s Bayou in 1997, she acquired way more uncover.

Jussie Smollett

June 21, 1982 observed the beginning of Jussie Smollett.

Of the 5 Jazz Smollett siblings, he’s the third oldest; Jazz is the elder.

In addition to singing, he’s an actor.

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In 1991, he made his performing debut as a little bit of child throughout the beloved Disney movie The Mighty Ducks.

Jussie established himself as a mainstay in Hollywood with parts in numerous well-known films like North, Marshall, and Alien: Covenant, the latter of which was directed by Ridley Scott.

Jazz Smollett

Jazz Smollett was born on April 1st, 1980 in Northern California, California, the United States.

Her dad and mother are Joel and Janet Smollet.

She is an Aries and a citizen of the United States.

In the world of Hollywood movies, she is a well-known actress.

Her father was a Jew and her mother was African-American, in step with accounts.

The Jazz Smollett siblings, with whom she grew up, are all worthwhile professionals.

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Jocqui Smollett

The Jazz Smollett siblings’ youngest sibling is Jocqui Smollett.

His birthday is August 2, 1994.

When they’d been youthful, Jocqui Smollett and his 5 siblings every labored as actors.

In distinction to his siblings, who continued to work throughout the leisure enterprise in some functionality, Jocqui Smollett realized that his path led faraway from the studio lights.

Jake Smollett

29 July 1989 observed the beginning of Jake Smollett.

Jake Smollett and the Jazz Smollett siblings are all performers.

Along collectively together with his siblings, he carried out as a toddler actor on ABC’s On Our Own.

He moreover had an look throughout the critically acclaimed southern gothic drama Eve’s Bayou by Kasi Lemmons.

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Jake Smollett made his superhero picture debut as Noser in The Middleman sooner than it developed into the self-sustaining, money-printing behemoth it’s at current.

Jojo Smollett

The oldest of the Jurnee Smollett siblings, Jojo Smollett was born on August 28, 1977.

Jojo Smollett, an actor, expert his first type of actual fame in 1991 whereas starring in Roseanne, a well-liked sitcom.

All 5 of his siblings joined him on the current.

Later, he gained credentials from television for appearances in packages like Moesha and The Practice.

Since then, Jojo has saved a low profile, nonetheless in 2016, he appeared on the Food Network’s Smollett Eats family cooking current.

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