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Máté Kocsis: A national consultation can start on the sanctions & More Latest News Here




The Fidesz and KDNP factions have asked the government to launch a national consultation on European Union sanctions, the Fidesz faction leader stated at a press conference held during the break of the joint faction meeting of the two governing parties on Thursday in Balatonalmádi.

Fidesz and the KDNP faction asked the government to launch a national consultation on EU sanctions

Máté Kocsis emphasized that the national consultation was initiated – the focus of which will be on energy sanctions – so that the Hungarian people would have a way to say what they think on this matter as well.

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The faction leader of the larger ruling party emphasized: so far only the Brussels elite could decide on the mentioned sanctions, not the people.

In Europe, the Hungarians will be the first to express their opinion.

Máté Kocsis expects from the national consultation, on the one hand, that the governing parties will find out what the Hungarians think about the EU sanctions against Russia, and on the other hand, they will be able to refer to the opinions of the Hungarians in the European debates. Every Hungarian will have a way to express their opinion, he added.

The faction leader of the larger government party indicated that the issue of European sanctions will determine the agenda of the autumn session not only in Hungary, but also in Europe. He put it this way: it must be clearly seen that the European Union sanctions introduced at the beginning of the summer did not fulfill the hopes attached to them, “this is not what the Brussels elite promised European citizens”.

According to his information, after the decision on the first sanctions package, energy prices doubled in one month and then tripled.

This also means that Russia, which they wanted to sanction from Brussels, became much richer and Europe poorer. During that time, Russia earned 158 billion euros in revenue, more than half of which, 85 billion euros, was paid by European citizens, Máté Kocsis pointed out.

He stated:

the Hungarian position is clear, and the factions also agree on this,

during the autumn session, work must be done to ensure that there are no energy sanctions. He also touched on the fact that the faction leaders of the governing parties will initiate the National Security Committee of the Parliament to review the issue of foreign campaign support for left-wing parties.

Máté Kocsis indicated: in the past thirty years, there was no example of what the left-wing prime minister candidate, Péter Márki-Zay, did carelessly or deliberately, and he admitted quite obviously to the public that he received several billion forints in campaign support from abroad.

We are facing one of the worst political scandals of this type in the last thirty years, he said, adding that the law prohibits parties from accepting foreign aid. Máté Kocsis answered the question about the swearing-in of Ákos Hadházy in the parliament: the Speaker of the House asked the judicial committee for a position on the matter, and they will be able to act on that basis.

In relation to the energy crisis, he noted: thoughtful and deliberate energy consumption is needed from everyone, the government itself started saving. He indicated: it was 18 degrees in the conference room of the hotel where the group meeting was held, and the wellness area was not used either.

Among the main topics of the autumn session, in addition to the legislative plan sent to the parliament, he listed the preparation of the extended family support proposals to be introduced from January 2023, the decisions necessary for the agreement to be concluded with the European Commission, and it is expected that the National Security Committee’s investigation into foreign campaign financing will also come before the Parliament.

He confirmed that all political tools will be used against energy sanctions. If necessary, a parliamentary decision can also strengthen the will of the people. But the first step is to go to people and ask them, he stated.

He stated: the government is doing everything to reduce the burden on the population. Currently, depending on the exchange rate, the government gives every household a subsidy of HUF 150,000 to HUF 300,000 to maintain the utility reduction to an average level.

Regarding the EU agreement, he also said: at the first session of the fall parliamentary session on Monday, a deviation from the house rules will be requested in order to pass some of the necessary legislation by the October 4 deadline. This requires the vote of four-fifths of the representatives, so Máté Kocsis asked the opposition politicians to support the deviation from the house rules in order to reach an agreement.

Máté Kocsis: A national consultation can start on the sanctions
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Máté Kocsis: A national consultation can start on the sanctions
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Máté Kocsis: A national consultation can start on the sanctions
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