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Micah Parsons is already living rent-free in the head of Giants coach Brian Dabol



New York Giants coach Brian Dabol is considering how to plan a game against Dallas Cowboys quarterback Micah Parsons, and that’s going to be a “problem.”

Before week three games, NFL coaches are asked what the next game is on the agenda.

Bill Bellic has put pressure on the Baltimore Ravens to pay Lamar Jackson what he deserves. When it comes to the NFC East rivalry between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsons is the To put pressure on Brian Dabol.

“It’s a problem,” Daboll said, way understated for the second-year Cowboys player who has already scored four sacks through two games this season.

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Micah Parsons will be a “trouble” for Brian Dabol and the Giants

So far in the 2022 NFL season, Parsons has scored two tackles per game, as well as four single tackles and two tackles for loss per game. Although Parsons scored only two quarterbacks against Tom Brady, he scored five against Joe Boroughs in the Cowboys’ win in Week Two.

Although Daboll is his first year playing in the same division as the Parsons, Daboll can see what the Cowboys did in each of their regular season games against the Giants last season. Both times, the Cowboys won: first by 24 points, then by 15 points.

Of course, it was with Dak Prescott at the helm, but the Cowboys proved last week that they can take the win with Cooper Rush in the quarterback.

The Giants might be 2-0, but Micah Parsons was scoring at least two bags in every game. The Giants can still win this one, but Parsons will definitely be someone who can make that more difficult than ever.