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Military chief: even when Putin bluffs, it often becomes reality does not rule out the possibility that the Kremlin could use a weapon of mass destruction 2 & More Latest News Here



The 1991 Moscow putsch started from “Swan Lake”. Then the viewers desperately switched channels, and all they saw was a ballerina. When Vladimir Putin didn’t show up on Tuesday night, not everyone was expecting a ballet.

But there is no coup in Moscow. And V. Putin, who appeared on Wednesday, announced a partial mobilization.

According to the Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas, as the seventh month of the war in Ukraine is ending, this primarily shows that Russia has no other options to win the three-day war.

It also means that the war in Ukraine will drag on.

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“It is clear that the war will be long,” said Valdemaras Rupšys, commander of the Lithuanian army.

Putin’s threats are called to be taken seriously

After announcing the partial mobilization, V. Putin threatened that the West would use all available means to protect Russia and its people. “It’s not a bluff,” he said.

V. Rupšys urges not to ignore such Kremlin statements and to take them seriously.

“From experience, often he bluffs, but often his bluff becomes reality.” When he bluffed that he was going to lead the Nazi Ukrainians, that was a bluff. But when he came and occupied the territories, it was not a bluff. His statements should be taken seriously at all times,” the army commander emphasized.

The commander does not rule out the possibility that the Kremlin may also use a weapon of mass destruction.

“Russian doctrines allow this under appropriate conditions. But Russia is such a unique country that sometimes in the doctrines they write behavior in a different way”, he said.

The alert level of the army is being raised

Since the partial mobilization will probably cover the entire territory of Russia, including Kaliningrad, Lithuania is also responding. The alertness level of our military is being raised.

“Well, for example, rapid reaction forces must be in barracks, they must be ready to react within a certain time unit, if necessary,” said the Minister of National Defense.

According to the minister, such a reaction is normal if there is a mobilization in the neighborhood. Additional Lithuanian support to Ukraine will also be considered. And whether people in the active reserve should be invited to additional training.

“So that we would be ready if something unexpected like this happened. But some additional threat (no, author p.). All of Russia’s activities are aimed at the war with Ukraine,” the military commander assured.

War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine

With 300 thousand extra people, the Russians will try to plug holes in the attack. There are still rifles in the warehouse, but you won’t be able to fill up the destroyed equipment.

“I’m not saying that the Ukrainians destroyed everything, but they use 80 percent of the ground army’s military equipment,” said A. Anušauskas.

And although they are reservists, they are not professionals, they are contractors. Reservists are likely to be unmotivated.

“I’m afraid it won’t be like World War II – you have nine soldiers but only one rifle.” Maybe there won’t be such a moment, but we are moving towards it somewhere,” said the army commander.

It is considered that basically the situation at the front will not change, but it may allow the Russians to stabilize the situation – to prevent the Ukrainian forces from moving as fast as they would like.

“What does this mean for Russia? This means that more and more people will join the war now. Because it will require new cannon fodder. These will be people, young people, who are not ready”, said President Gitanas Nausėda.

So what they will actually do there, Minister of National Defense A. Anušauskas names in 4 words.

“They will die for Putin,” he said.

The word “partial” is probably intended for an internal audience, because V. Putin already carried out secret mobilization. But the current decision also affects cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, where Putin’s supporters are fewer.

“This is an escalation of a direct, massive war in Europe. And this is a new phase of the war,” said the country’s outgoing leader Dalia Grybauskaitė.

Laurynas Kasčiūnas, head of the National Security and Defense Committee of the Seimas, fears that the leaders of Western countries who do not want a long war may push Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy into negotiations.

“I just really want to avoid a scenario where there is now some kind of turning of the faucets to pretend that negotiations are being conducted.” Now we have to give even more weapons,” he explained.

President G. Nausėda convenes the Council of State Defense on Monday.

“Support for Ukraine is vital today,” he emphasized.

Some in Russia are interested in how to escape from the country and avoid mobilization.

The Baltic countries and Poland have closed their borders to Russians since this Monday. Left an exception for political refugees.

Military chief: Even when Putin bluffs, it often comes true

Minister of National Defense A. Anušauskas says that the borders should remain closed, because this is not running away from political persecution. Latvians have also stated that there will be no exemptions for those fleeing mobilization.

“I would really like and hope that when you don’t want war, you don’t run away from Russia, but you go to the square and protest. I hope that it will be so”, said L. Kasčiūnas, the head of the NSGK of the Seimas.

And whether it will be, according to political scientist Alvydas Medalinskas, will depend on who will be mobilized.

“If it is carried out affecting very broad sections of Russian society, then yes, it can cause protests, opposition to such actions,” he told LNK.

Russian public support for the war in Ukraine was generally considered universal. But so far, it has not affected those sitting in front of the TV and listening to V. Putin.

“We hope that this will change now,” said Minister of National Defense A. Anušauskas.

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