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Poison Pen Studios takes over Preethi Mavahali as Creative Director



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New transatlantic writing company Poison Pen Studios from Ben Stephenson Sky Studios has chosen Priethi Mavahali as its new creative director.

Prior to joining Sky, Mavahalli was at Indie Mammoth Screen, where she worked as a director for the drama she developed and produced several hits including “The Serpent”, “Noughts + Crosses” and “The War of the Worlds”. She has also worked for Film4 and Film London.

The Poison Pen was launched under the ITV Studios banner by Stephenson, the former head of Bad Robot Television, in July. The studio is located between London and Los Angeles and will focus on high-end high-end drama. Mavahalli will work at both locations alongside Stephenson.

“When I decided to start my own company, there was only one person I wanted by my side,” Stephenson said. “I am so grateful she agreed! Preethi is an exceptionally talented and beautiful person with great taste and a proven track record. I can’t wait to get started, having fun and doing some great drama with her.”

Mavahali said, “Working alongside Penn, a producer that I have admired for many years, is a dream of opportunity. I am extremely excited to be a part of this ambitious transatlantic project and can’t wait to start at Poison Pen Studios.”

At the time of Poison Pen’s launch, ITV Studios Managing Director Julian Bellamy said: “Pen is one of the most talented executives in drama. His fingerprints are found across some of the best and most memorable drama series in global television from Westworld to Sherlock. I am delighted that you are ITV Studios partner Ben in his next big chapter – an ambitious new transatlantic project dedicated to producing a truly global drama.”

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