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RTP Paintings “My Brother Is a T-Rez” by Lusco Fusco Animation, Mr. Klaus Studi



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Portuguese public radio station RTP has acquired an undisclosed stake in the co-production of the animated series “My Brother Is a T-Rez”, a Spanish-Portuguese project created and directed by the Spaniard Javi Peces (“Bento”).

Executive produced by Céline Fernandez at the Portuguese animation house Lusco Fusco Animation and in co-production with Mr. Klaus Studio in Madrid, “My Brother” is a series project for preschoolers aimed at promoting the values ​​of adventure, education and sustainability.

The project was previously purchased by Spanish public radio RTVE for its children’s channel Clan TV.

“The RTP deal completes the stamp of recognition and support from both TV channels in our two countries, so the circuit has been closed on the Iberian Peninsula,” Fernandez said. diverse.

“Our goal is to produce a successful animated series on television with a strong marketing reach,” Peces added.

One of the eight Spanish-produced or co-produced animated TV series projects presented at the 2022 Cartoon Forum presentation sessions, “My Brother” is Peces’ debut.

The project is currently in the development stage and is looking for funding.

“The goal is to start pre-production by the second half of 2023 for delivery in 2025. We are looking for co-producers to apply to Media in 2023, play masters and distribution partners,” said Fernandez.

The seven-minute episode 52 project, which combines 2D and 3D techniques, will follow Coco, a 6-year-old girl who loves spending time composing stories using her imagination and some atrezo as she loves arts and crafts. Coco’s little brother is a big, pink T-Rex.

Like young children, the T-Rex is impatient and somewhat impulsive, and often times spoils things. Coco and her little brother will embark on an imaginative adventure solving problems through creative solutions.

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