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Shigaraki’s new look is more frustrating than impressive



The Final Arc continues to advance in My Hero Academia, as Class 1-A continues the struggle against the energetic Shigaraki who has not only strengthened the current Kurik who can corrupt anything around him, but also endow him with countless supernatural abilities. With Class 1-A crime fighters and professional heroes including Endeavor, Mirko, Hawks and more taking some serious leeway in fighting against the All For One forces, Shigaraki has a whole new turnaround that’s more tragic than impressive.

warning. If you are not familiar with current events in My hero academia manga, you might want to steer clear of it because we’re going to dive into spoiler territory.

Since inheriting the power of All For One, Shigaraki was mostly free from the pesky severed hands that once stuck to his body when he first appeared in the Shonen franchise, and had a completely different look as he tried to burn the Hero Society to land. The final chapter not only introduces Shigaraki’s unsettling form, but also details how the All For One heir came to this new transformation:

“Tomura Shigaraki’s body was groping to obtain the optimal shape. The optimal shape seemed to be a swollen mass of fingers, always seeking destruction. A form that overshadowed the world around it and kept everyone within reach, but the heroes outgrew this form. Thanks to the erasure. , he could not heal the accumulated damage to his body. This, in addition to the tension and panic in his mind, gnawed at his core and transformed his body into a new and perfect form for this very moment.”

Shigaraki’s new form is not only grotesque in surrounding his body with giant fingers, but the fingers of his left hand have turned into the heads of his deceased loved ones, proving that events of the past still influence his decisions today. The idea of ​​salvation for Shigaraki is something that has been bouncing around Midoriya’s head for quite some time and obviously from Shigaraki’s mental state, it would take a lot to put him on a new path if at all possible.

Shigaraki does everything in his power to separate himself from the world he hates, which he treats with contempt after the accidental death of his family thanks to a special Quirk appearance. Since finding himself under the bondage of One For All, he has never competed on his own ruined path, so while redemption may be impossible, there is always a chance that Izuku will find a way to break through to Tomura.


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