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Starbucks 13 Glow In The Dark Cups For Halloween In 2022 List, Items, Price And Where To Buy



This week, Starbucks showed off its Halloween glow in the dark cups for 2022

All of them glow in the dark. A few weeks ago, the coffee chain came out with a great line of fall cups, such as a bright orange straw cup with studs and a purple holographic one.

Now, Starbucks has finally announced their Halloween cups, and this might be the coolest set of scary cups they’ve ever made.

Starbucks Glow In The Dark Cups For Halloween In 2022 List, Items, Price And Where To Buy

Starbucks Is Putting Out 13 Cups That Glow In The Dark!

Starbucks has come up with 13 different hot and cold cups that glow in the dark for Halloween 2022. Yes, 13! “Just in time for spooky season, Starbucks is releasing a line of new glow in the dark drinkware,” Starbucks announced. “The new tumblers, cold cups, mugs and more bring all of Halloween’s fun and none of the fright,”  they said further. In September, all of the cups will be in Starbucks stores across the US.

What Are The Cold Cups That Glow In The Dark?

Tree Glow in the Dark Cold Cup

The first Halloween cup is a glow-in-the-dark purple cold cup with a scary black tree, red eyes, and white stars. “Sets of eyes peek through the branches of a tree on this purple cold cup, adding a dash of mystery to the day’s cup of coffee,” the description says. It costs $19.95, can hold 24 oz, and many of the details glow in the dark, making your everyday drink more Halloween-y.

Raven’s Perch Glow in the Dark Cold Cup

The next cup is 16 oz smaller and costs only $16.95, which is three dollars less than the first. It looks like a sunset and is white, orange, and black, with a black tree in the middle. Just what you need for that Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew! “Tree branches dance against a sunset gradient, mirroring the perch of a raven on a fall evening,” Starbucks tells over its website.

Glow in the Dark Lemongrass Bling Cup 

The most expensive Halloween cup is the Lemongrass Bling Cup, which is also likely to be the most popular. It’s a neon green version of the classic studded bling cup that costs $24.95, holds 24 oz, and is a must-have for fall.

Periwinkle Raven Glow in the Dark Cold Cup

Starbucks seems to have a raven theme for 2022, as the Halloween bird is also on the next 24 oz draw cup. The glittery raven is “emblazoned” on the front of the pale purple cup, and it costs $19.95.

There Are Other Cups As Well!

Night Crackle Glow in the Dark Tumbler (16 oz)

The first item for hot drinks is a narrow black cup with a crackle pattern in green and black all over it. The cup costs $14.95 and has a 16-ounce capacity. Which is just right for your grande Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Multi Eyes Glow in the Dark Tumbler (12 oz)

This lilac hot cup with scary eyes that glow in the dark is one of the coolest in the Halloween 2022 collection. The description says, “In the dark, this tumbler comes to life with the eyes of creatures from the night.” It costs $19.95.

Night Sky Glow in the Dark Mug (12 oz)

The collection wouldn’t be complete without a mug. And the Night Sky Glow in the Dark 12 oz mug is everything we could have asked for and more. This simple but effective black mug is covered with green glowing stars and says. “Twinkling stars glow against a dark fall sky.” It costs $14.95.

Glow in the Dark Halloween Hot Cups (6-Pack) (16 oz)

Starbucks has finally put out a six-pack of Halloween hot cups that glow in the dark. “This set of six hot cups has six spooky designs, from falling leaves to a flying raven. There’s a spooky cup for every fall occasion.” Each one has a different colour lid, and you can buy all six for just $19.95 so you and your friends can all share a Halloween drink.

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