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The iPhone 14 is perfect, but I don’t need it & More Latest News Here



There’s a great urban legend about NASA condoms for astronauts. Of course, these were not used for their traditional purpose on the space station, but they made peeing easier and safer in weightlessness. The thing worked perfectly in tests on the ground, but for some reason it didn’t work up there in space. It soon became clear why: the astronauts self-reportedly received small, medium, or large in the space supplies, and simply no one asked for the small. The space agency resorted to a simple trick, relabeling the condoms as large, extra large and giant. See a miracle, the problem is solved.

Well, the iPhone 14 is this condom relabeled to a large size: it wants to show itself to be more than it is; vanity is the main reason people buy it; anyway, it works perfectly regardless of whether it’s called small or large.

14 = 13S

In the past, Apple solved the annual update of iPhones by practically only introducing something new every two years: in the odd years, it just turbocharged the previous year’s model a little and put an S behind the numbering. (An interesting lesson is that the sales data did not really show that these models were not such a big hit.) This changed with the iPhone 11, when Apple introduced the fact that there is a flat model and a Pro model within one generation. In terms of sales, this again came in handy, but it also brought with it a serious dilemma: where is the current base model positioned in terms of knowledge? It can’t be too close to the Pro, since then it can’t be sold much more expensive. But it can’t be too close to the previous year, because what would that look like?

Well, it seems that Apple has now finally accepted this “what would it look like” thing, and the basic iPhone 14 device is more like a 13S, in fact, practically a 13 Pro repackaged and relabeled. But so much so that it got last year’s processor, this year’s A16 is only included in the Pro models. It is a quasi-admission on Apple’s part that the 13 Pro models have disappeared from the official webshop. This year there is no Mini model either, it seems that this experiment did not work (and what extra layers it would have added to the condom-sized metaphor!)

Football Highlights

And anyway, is it such a big deal if there aren’t many new features in a fundamentally great phone? Actually, no. Apple thus approx. Over the course of 16 generations, he polished the iPhone to be user-friendly to the extreme, in hardware, software, user experience, marketing, everything. The 13 was almost a perfect device, obviously it is still called the 14. The 14 Pro received practically every major innovation this year, of course we will also test it, but now we have taken the “people’s phone” basic model forward.

So what can this phone do?

The iPhone 14 doesn’t look brand new at first, or even at second glance, it can’t be distinguished from the 13, but not even from the 12 (the trick is to put it down with the back facing up, and the camera island tells you which one is which). It follows from this that the 14, like its predecessors, is very well put together, a beautiful, compact and light phone, even if you don’t get your eyes on it like the always-on display of the Pro, or the already well-deserved/ “dynamic island” he laughed around. The screen is the usual 6.1-inch OLED since the 12 family, with a resolution of 2532*1170 (which Apple calls Super Retina XDR), with the usual beautiful, bright and vibrant colors. The 120 hertz image update is missing, but it is something without which it is still possible to live a full life.

iPhone 14 on the left and iPhone 12 on the right - Photo: Péter Sz. Péter / Telex

iPhone 14 on the left and iPhone 12 on the right – Photo: Péter Sz. Péter / Telex

In terms of performance, the iPhone has always been a beast, and the finding lives on now that we have to make do with last year’s processor, the A15 Bionic. If someone has an unnatural attraction to benchmark programs, I recommend Tom’s Guide’s test, in which everything was measured from the phone down to the last molecule; all I can add to this is that I did not manage to sweat the 14 with average use. Because of last year’s processor, it is of course conceivable that the time will come sooner when the hardware feels weak. This will not become clear in 2-3 years.

On paper, it is a bit stronger than the 13, I once managed to amortize it to the psychological limit of 20% in a day, but then I pushed Hearthstone Battlegrounds quite a bit on it, strictly out of dedication as a tester, of course. With average use, it is not certain that I would risk two days with it on a single charge, but those who are less attached to their phone may even have it. In terms of charging speed, Apple is traditionally not very strong, the 14 charged me up to 51% from zero in half an hour, for example, the recently tested mid-range Honor 70 simply ticks it off.

The camera is the only point where we can see a major improvement, even with a layman’s eye: in fact, this was the only point where I really felt the 14 was new compared to my own 12, which was two generations earlier. Although the basic model did not receive the 48-megapixel upgrade, the image quality was noticeably better even at 12 megapixels. In poor light conditions, in the dark, it works wonders. Its color scheme follows the iPhone mode, which means it is not so realistic, but I, especially as a sow photographer, am not offended if my pictures are a little louder and more dramatic than reality. In the video, the action mode was heralded as a great innovation, which is actually an image stabilizer, and it really smooths out the shaking nicely, the “shakycam” effect, which you can pick up while videoing, giving it a somewhat cinematic effect. I don’t think this is a matter of life for large masses of people, in any case, there is such a thing.

Photo: Péter Sz. Németh / Telex

Photo: Péter Sz. Németh / Telex

Let’s note two more novelties that everyone hopes they will never need: one is automatic car accident detection, and the other is satellite SOS messaging. The latter is not yet operational, and in the first round it will only be turned on in America, I had no luck with the former, although during the test period the 114 bus had a few steeper brakes, but the phone did not even notice it. I didn’t even force it, but of course there were some crazy YouTubers who, yes, I’ll give you the floor:

Oh, and one more thing, the Lightning connector remains, which means that the old chargers can still be used – but Apple could now really follow the world into the beautiful new world of USB-C.

Who is the target audience here?

This is also a confusing question, because more than 100 million of each iPhone generation used to be sold these days, and roughly a quarter of that is usually the Pro version alone. So the basic model should account for the lion’s share of sales, and I have no doubt that a significant amount of the 14 will be sold. But:

  • Anyone who needs the all-time top will obviously choose the 14 Pro Max.
  • With the 12th/13th generation, you’re still at your wits’ end, there’s no real motivation to upgrade, so the 14th doesn’t give you any more.
  • The 11 family is a borderline case, the older ones may already be due for replacement, but it is better to upgrade to 13 than to 14: it does roughly the same thing, but is much cheaper.
  • The same is the case with switching from any Android phone to an iPhone (which, by the way, I absolutely support based on my own experience).

So now we will have a great opportunity to observe the magic of Apple, which will lead straight to the inevitable “We sold X zillion iPhone 14s” announcement, despite the fact that I personally don’t see a sane reason to buy it. It’s really great anyway. In the meantime, we will come soon with the test of the Pro version, which is not only perfect, but also has many new features.

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