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Watch 51 Year Jeffrey Miller Hurls Bottle At Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam And Gets Arrested, Video Goes Viral



A fan named Jeffrey Miller, who is 51 years old, was arrested after his video throwing a bottle at Jimmy Haslam went viral

After he threw a bottle at the owner of the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam, during a game. I’m always amazed by the fans. Why would you try to hit Jimmy with a bottle? Most likely because the Browns have been worthless for 30 years.

51 Year Jeffrey Miller Hurls Bottle At Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam And Gets Arrested, Video Goes Viral

What The Police Had To Say About Jeffrey Miller?

Police papers say that Jeffrey Miller, who is 51 years old, threw the bottle at Haslam right after New York scored a touchdown with just seconds left in the game.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network caught the incident on video. It looks like the bottle hit Haslam right in the leg as he walked toward a tunnel at Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium.

Haslam seemed angry at first, but then he pointed to where he thought the bottle came from.

Security footage of the scene helped them figure out that Miller was the one who threw the bottle. They say that they found him in the stadium in the end, but that he didn’t stop when the police tried to stop him.

The man was drunk when he was taken to a “police room” inside the stadium, where he “seemed to be drunk,” according to the police. “While in the police room, Miller said, ‘[the bottle] never hit the field,’” the documents say.

What Did The Police Paper Has To Say?

Jeffrey Miller is arrested on 3 charges. Including disorderly conduct, failing to follow a legal order, and assault.

Pelissero said on Tuesday that the Browns plan to stop letting fans into home games because of what happened.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Browns stressed the importance of fan, player, and staff safety and made it clear that any behaviour that endangers others will not be permitted. No one was wounded, and we collaborated with law enforcement as usual, providing them with the surveillance footage that revealed the object’s first launch. There’s nothing further we can say at this time.

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