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What does “BBY” mean in the beginning of Andor and why is it important



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Star Wars: Andor It premiered on Disney+ and quickly proved to be truly a Star Wars series like no other. Showrunner Tony Gilroy definitely uses a completely different set of production values ​​than the other star Wars TV series has – and soon the show has surpassed some important milestones for the biggest star Wars privilege, as well.

Among the highlights of Andor is giving viewers a consistent history of where this story took place in star Wars Schedule: 5 BBY. It will be easy to distinguish this date star Wars Puritans who spent time reading novels, comics, and guidebooks often used these terms. However, for those who only watch the mainstream star Wars Movies or TV Shows, you may need further explanation.

What does “BBY” mean at the start of Star Wars: Andor?

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The term “BBY” is the official measurement of time in star Wars The franchise, like all these connotations of time, is connected to one important event: the Battle of Yavin (or “Battle of the Death Star”).

In Andor’s case, the date of the first episodes of the series (“5 BBY”) means that it will take place five years before the Battle of Yavin.

What is the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars?

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The Battle of Yavin is the official historical name for the Battle of Rebellion to defend their base on Yavin 4 against The Empire’s Death Star weapon, in the final battle of the original Star Wars movie, Star Wars: A New Hope. Because Luke Skywalker blows up the Death Star was the big moment that cemented star Wars As an iconic movie, the rest of the series’ events that followed were timed accordingly.

So there are two main time reference points for the events in star Wars Franchise: “BBY” (before the Battle of Yavin) and “ABY” (after the Battle of Yavin).

Why is Andor using the ABY-BBY dating system from Star Wars?

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As mentioned, the ABY-BBY dating system is familiar to fans who have explored deeper lore star Wars In books, comics, the many guidebooks or extended knowledge that originated from the original George Lucas movie. Andor is bringing it to a major TV platform for very good and thoughtful reasons.

as such Star Wars: Andor Show director Tony Gilroy explained early on, this rogue one The prequel series will start over two seasons (12 episodes each), which will cover a 5-year period from the time Cassian Andor was just a blue-collar worker on an unstable planet, to when he became an elite spy in the Rebellion and helped expose (and thwart) The Empire’s Darkest Secrets: The Death Star.

Star Wars: Andor New season 1 episodes air every Wednesday on Disney+.


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