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Who Is Ronnie Pickering After His Road Rage Car Video, GIF And Meme Goes Viral




People are wishing each other Happy Ronnie Pickering Day on Twitter, seven years after a video of him getting angry on the road went viral along with his meme

Back in September 2015, Ronnie Pickering, a grandfather from Hull, was just a normal person going about his business.

Know Who Is Ronnie Pickering After His Road Rage Car Video, GIF And Meme Goes Viral

But on September 21, that same year, everything changed for Ronnie. He was caught on camera getting into a fight with a moped rider, and the video went viral within days.


Who Is Ronnie Pickering?

Seven years ago, a video of Grandad Ronnie Pickering from Bransholme, Hull. He was getting angry on the road went viral on YouTube.

A friend of Ronnie’s told the Daily Mail that the 61-year-old used to box as an amateur and lived in a simple house. He worked as a taxi driver and was in the military.

On September 21, 2015, a GoPro camera caught Ronnie and a moped rider fighting on the road near the Bransholme Fire Station on Noddle Hill Way.

The two got into a heated argument, and the Mirror said that Ronnie was heard yelling at the moped rider.

The most famous line from the Hull grandad, which went viral, was when he asked. “Do you know who I am?” before responding: “I’m Ronnie Pickering.”

The original video was posted on YouTube, and since then, millions of people have watched it on other platforms, like TikTok and Twitter.

What Ronnie Pickering Thinks About the Video?

Ronnie thought about the road rage and how the video changed his life five years after it happened.

“I can’t believe it was five years ago to be honest,” he told Hull Live back in 2020. “I had no idea it was being filmed and the first I knew was when a friend texted me and told me it was on YouTube.”

Then he continued “I think that along with the original YouTube upload and all the other follow-ups and memes, the video has probably had 100m views. It is a bit crazy to think how many people have seen it.

Twitter Celebrates Ronnie Pickering Day With Great Fire!

On the seventh commemoration of the road rage, many people have taken to Twitter to celebrate Ronnie Pickering Day.

A Person tweeted: “Happy Ronnie Pickering Day to all those who observe it.”

Some other user joked: “Legend has it, if you say Ronnie Pickering 3 times in a car mirror a Citroen Picasso appears behind you.”

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