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Who Is YouTuber Lizbeth Rodriguez, Age, Biography, Instagram, Badabun YouTube Channel, Net Worth 2022




Lizbeth Rodriguez is a Mexican actress and entertainer who’s known best for her viral content on Youtube, know her Instagram and net worth

Lizbeth is a former member of the entertainment company “Badabun.” The company’s YouTube channel has more than 45 million subscribers.

Know Who Is YouTuber Lizbeth Rodriguez, Age, Biography, Instagram, YouTube Channel, Net Worth 2022

‘Badabun’ is a humorous account and engages with members of the public by involving randomly selected people in their videos.

Lizbeth Rodríguez’s Badabun Content

She’s best known for hosting the channel’s programme ‘Exponiendo infieles’ which means Exposing Cheaters.

The host of the show offers the cash to the couples to go through their phones, including pictures, messages and apps. The videos often exposed cheating partners and capture their reactions.

Despite the cash offer, these videos don’t always end up well for any of the couples involved in cheating cases.

However fans have quite enjoyed watching these relationships videos, due to which the show has gone viral. So far, the series has over 100 videos for Spanish-speaking viewers.

All of Badabun entertainment’s content uses the Spanish language. This makes it extremely popular in Spanish speaking countries.

In 2019, Badabun was voted as the most popular Spanish language channel.

Lizbeth Rodríguez YouTube

Due to Badabun, Lizbeth had made her own name. Apart from being the host of the show, the actress had made her YouTube account over which she has more than 9 million subscribers.

Lizbeth produced original content and she embraces her love of exposing Cheaters. The 28-year-old actress has swiftly moved her presence onto several other social media platforms.

Her Instagram account has a fanbase of more than 11 million followers. She even runs an Instagram account for her son over which she has more than 300K followers.

Lizbeth is also quite popular on video-sharing platform TikTok as she has gained over 9 million followers on the platform.

Lizbeth Rodríguez Net Worth in 2022

According to a report by, the 27-year-old actress’ has an estimated Ney worth of around $2.3 million as of September 2022. The actress earned a chunk of her worth through her YouTube channel.

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