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Jon Hamm gave most of his salary to confess, Fletch to help pay for the film



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For decades, attempts have been made to reboot and revive the character of Fletch for the big screen. Kevin Smith, Bill Lawrence and a bunch of other grooming tools were attached and later abandoned, but they’re new Fletch The movie finally came out this year….and you probably didn’t even notice. Admit it, FletchNew movie based on Gregory McDonald’s book mad men It stars Jon Hamm in the title role, earning an 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with the distinction of “Certified Fresh”. Despite critical acclaim, marketing for the film is lacking, and without significant interest in taking the part, it likely wouldn’t have existed at all.

Director Greg Mottola said, “Bill Block in Miramax has been the protagonist of this project since the beginning.” UPROXX Regarding the movie. “I don’t blame anything about shooting this movie on him. He tried everything he could try. Basically, he said, ‘Within a certain amount of money, I can fully finance this movie,’” but it was the kind of money that would mean 27 A day of filming, which seemed especially difficult. So we looked for film partners, and everyone passed. Everyone said, “I don’t know that kind of comedy works in this day and age.” Who is Fletch? I don’t think anyone cares anymore.”

He continued, “So, basically, what we did was John put 60 percent of his salary back into the budget. I put some of my salary back, not as much as John because he’s richer than me and I have three kids. And we bought three more days of filming. We got him up to 30 days. In Boston and one day in Rome. And we said, shit, we’re crazy, we’re stupid. We’re going to make this a movie. And then Miramax backed us really, really creatively.

Mottola goes on to reveal that the movie was made for $20 million, a level of candid honesty we rarely encounter in Hollywood. The film’s odd release strategy, small theatrical debut, and simultaneous video-on-demand debut, with Showtime coming later, is very much the production company and distributors trying something new.

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“I really feel like this is an outgrowth: Nobody knows what works right now and they’re trying things out, but it’s very strange to me,” Mottola said.

The director also confirmed that follow-up work had already begun, with Miramax hiring him to go ahead and write the script for another film. Note that Mottola will adapt Fletch’s fortune As for the next movie that reveals that “everything happens at a press conference, so I have a lot of ideas about how to bring that into all the crazy worlds of today.”

Admit it, Fletch It’s now showing in select theaters and available to stream on demand, and will premiere on the premium cable network Showtime on October 28.