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Legault goes on the attack in the leaders’ debate & More Latest News Here



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On the defensive last week, François Legault went on the attack during a leaders’ debate without a bang on Radio-Canada on Thursday. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was the target of his main criticisms, while Éric Duhaime suffered his wrath for his opposition to sanitary measures.

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The spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, was questioned from the outset about his tax for polluting vehicles. A Dodge Grand Caravan would be subject to a surcharge of $7,000, argued host Patrice Roy.

Jumping into the fray, François Legault accused him of living “in wonderland” with his plan to reduce GHGs by 55% by 2030. All evening, his most felt attacks were clearly aimed at the leader solidarity.

The latter replied by accusing the outgoing Prime Minister of “misinforming” Quebecers when he criticizes his proposals. “Stop bringing out the Halloween decorations,” he repeatedly retorted.

Topic of the hour, the fight against inflation has earned criticism from the outgoing Prime Minister, who has again been the object of heavy fire. The tax cuts promised by Mr. Legault and Dominique Anglade are “a one-way ticket to austerity”, launched PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

Éric Duhaime also denounced the desire of the caquistes to reduce payments to the Generations Fund, which amounts to “buying the next election by mortgaging the next generation”.

But the spotlight quickly turned against the CAQ leader, who refuses to reveal the studies in support of his project for a 3rd link between Quebec and Lévis. Work is underway on the new version of the tunnel, he pleaded. The CAQ leader, however, was unable to say “who is doing the study and how much does it cost? “, as the leader of the PCQ, Éric Duhaime, asked him.

The CAQ leader has also pledged not to allow the creation of mines for the minerals needed for electric batteries in areas where the population opposes them. “When there is no social license, there will be no exploitation,” he promised.

The crisis in the health system has for its part made it possible to highlight the ideological gap between the parties.

The Conservative leader proposes to allow patients to be followed privately, while being covered by the health insurance card. “A monopoly doesn’t work,” said Éric Duhaime about the current system. QS, he said, offers “healthy socialism”.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who relies on a 100% public system, rather argued that private health care has been amply tested “If it worked, we would know,” he hammered.

For a rare time in the evening, your tone rose on the set when François Legault accused Éric Duhaime of having been an “agitator” and of having “benefited from suffering” during the pandemic. “How many more elders were you willing to sacrifice? “, he launched.

“You have been irresponsible with the children of Quebec, Mr. Legault. Never forget that, ”retorted the Conservative leader.

After the exchange, the scowling face of the CAQ leader left little doubt about the anger that inhabited him.

Dominique Anglade, she seemed generally ignored by Mr. Legault. But the Liberal leader scored points during the segment on education, where she criticized the outgoing Prime Minister for penalizing women by failing to give a place for every child in CPEs.

François Legault, however, appeared in a better mood during this final debate before the elections, he who had seemed irritated on many occasions last Thursday. The outgoing Prime Minister had also dropped the glasses he wore the last time.

The evening ended with a battle over sovereignty. Only the PLQ opposes independence, claimed Dominique Anglade. “We don’t want a referendum,” assured Mr. Legault. To which the PQ leader replied that Mr. Legault extinguishes the sovereignist desire.

On the other hand, the CAQ leader did not say whether he would vote “yes” or “no” in a possible referendum.

Legault goes on the attack in the leaders’ debate
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Legault goes on the attack in the leaders’ debate
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Legault goes on the attack in the leaders’ debate
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