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World News5 hours ago

Former Banking CEO Claimed $280,000 He Spent As Strip Clubs Was A ‘Business Expense’

A former banking SEO from Switzerland has claimed that $280,000 he spent at strip clubs were “business expenses” as he...

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World News6 days ago

Reporter Hit By Car During Live News Broadcast Comes Back To Finish Segment

A television news reporter was hit by a car during a live broadcast but still managed to get up and...

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World News1 week ago

Man Who Shot And Killed Stepfather For Molesting Younger Sister Gets 1,800 Years In Jail

The family and friends of a Virginia man sentenced to 1,800 years behind bars for killing his abusive stepfather have...

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World News1 week ago

Pamela Anderson Files For Divorce From Fifth Husband After Only 13 Months

Pamela Anderson has reportedly filed for divorce from her fifth husband, Dan Hayhurst, after only 13 months of marriage, Rolling...

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World News1 week ago

Woman Launches Legal Battle For Permission To Use Dead Husband’s Sperm To Have A Baby On Her Own

A British woman who wants to use her dead husband’s sperm to have a baby on her own has divided...

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World News1 week ago

Former Pope Benedict Accused Of Misconduct In Historic Child Abuse Cases

Former Pope Benedict XVI is accused of failing to act in four separate child abuse cases when he was the...

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World News1 week ago

Heartless Child Murderer Pleads For Solitary Confinement As He Fears For His Life In Prison

A man accused of murdering his 9-year-old stepdaughter has pleaded with prison guards to place him in solitary confinement as...

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World News1 week ago

Man Accidentally Injects Penis With Insulating Foam In DIY Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Gone Wrong

A man and his partner made an extremely questionable decision when they tried a DIY treatment for his erectile dysfunction....

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World News1 week ago

Retired Grandmothers Arrested After Being Caught With $33,000 Worth Of Cocaine And $70,000 In Cash

Two retired grandmothers in Scotland have been arrested and imprisoned after they were caught with more than $33,000 worth of...