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World News1 hour ago

Signs You’re Dealing With A Controlling Guy And What To Do About It

When you’re in a relationship, you want to be dating your equal, not someone who thinks they can tell you...

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World News11 hours ago

Dad Of 3 Had His Penis Surgically Shortened To Make His Wife Happier In The Bedroom

An Australian man revealed that he had his penis surgically shortened to make his wife of 21 years happier in...

veggienas veggienas
World News12 hours ago

McDonald’s Order Mistake Leaves ‘Traumatized’ Vegetarian ‘Vomiting And In Tears’

A vegetarian woman was left “traumatized” after she accidentally ate meat for the first time due to a serious McDonald’s...

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World News12 hours ago

School Shooter’s Parents Bought Him A Gun For Christmas And Ignored Serious Warning Signs

The parents of the 15-year-old boy who murdered four and injured half a dozen others during a Michigan school shooting...

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World News1 day ago

Woman Caught Breastfeeding Her Hairless Cat On A Delta Flight

A woman on a Delta flight from Syracuse, New York to Atlanta, Georgia caused quite a stir when she exposed...

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World News1 day ago

Woman Accidentally Pooed Herself On Date’s Floor And He Kicked It Thinking It Was Mud

A woman on TikTok has revealed perhaps the most embarrassing dating story ever. Ken, who goes by @ken.eurich on the...

kille kille
World News1 day ago

Dad And Stepmom Jailed For Starving And Beating 6-Year-Old Son To Death

A father and stepmother have been jailed for the killing of 6-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes in what authorities described as “one...

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World News2 days ago

Woman Born Without A Vagina Shares How She Had To ‘Make’ Her Own

A British woman who was born without a vaginal opening has shared that she had to make her own by...

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World News2 days ago

Italian Man Tries To Dodge Covid Vaccine By Wearing A Fake Arm

An Italian man is facing charges of fraud after he turned up at a local vaccination center wearing a prosthetic...