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mnnbo3 mnnbo3
World News8 hours ago

Driver Knocks Drunk Man Out With A Single Punch For Damaging His Car

A drunk man who allegedly punched and broke off a car’s mirror while “standing in the middle of the f***ing...

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World News8 hours ago

Mom Accidentally Lists Baby For Sale On Facebook Saying It ‘Needs Gone Today’

A British woman was mortified after accidentally posting her baby for sale on Facebook Marketplace, saying it “needs gone today.”...

mnn30 mnn30
World News1 day ago

UPenn Transgender Swimmer Sparks Uproar As She Breaks 2 US Women’s Competition Records

A transgender swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania has sparked backlash after she beat not one but two US women’s...

cilatro cilatro
World News1 day ago

Oklahoma Woman Kicked Out Of Church After Members Mistake Cilantro For Marijuana

An Oklahoma woman was allegedly kicked out of a church in Oklahoma City after she brought cilantro to a church...

angela angela
World News2 days ago

Substitute Teacher Told Student She Loved Him, ‘Physically Lifted Her Breast’ And Put It On His Chest

A South Carolina substitute teacher has been arrested for some seriously inappropriate relationship with a male student in class. Angela...

nb9n3n nb9n3n
World News2 days ago

Stepmom Who Murdered 6-Year-Old Boy ‘Poisoned With Salt By Cellmates’ In Revenge For Torturing Child

The depraved stepmother jailed for murdering her 6-year-old stepson after months of abuse has reportedly been poisoned with salt by...

amalie amalie
World News2 days ago

Girl Left With Leg ‘Hanging Loose’ After Crocodile Attack During Rafting Trip

An 18-year-old British woman is lucky to be alive after she was attacked by a 10-foot crocodile while white water...

iStock 1146740622 iStock 1146740622
World News3 days ago

Signs You’re Dealing With A Controlling Guy And What To Do About It

When you’re in a relationship, you want to be dating your equal, not someone who thinks they can tell you...

bni3 bni3
World News3 days ago

Dad Of 3 Had His Penis Surgically Shortened To Make His Wife Happier In The Bedroom

An Australian man revealed that he had his penis surgically shortened to make his wife of 21 years happier in...