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World News2 days ago

Webcam Model Accidentally Shoots Herself In The Vagina With 9mm Handgun During Video Shoot

A Georgia webcam model was left with serious injuries after she accidentally shot herself in the genitals in a “pornographic...

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World News2 days ago

Model Who Married Herself Has Filed For Divorce Only 90 Days After The Wedding

A Brazilian model who married herself in a lavish ceremony only 90 days ago is filing for divorce. While Cris...

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World News3 days ago

Vigilantes Tie ‘Thieves’ To Lamp Post And Paint Their Faces Like The Joker

A group of mysterious vigilantes has been rounding up thieves in the Mexican city of Rio Bravo and tying them...

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World News3 days ago

Singing Cocaine Cactus Toy Removed From Walmart

Walmart was forced to remove a singing cactus toy from its website after it was discovered the item was singing...

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World News4 days ago

Couple Filmed OnlyFans Sex Tape In The Back Of Patrol Car While Shouting “F**k Five-O”

A couple waiting in the back of a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser after being stopped for driving with a suspended...

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World News6 days ago

Woman With Two Vaginas Enjoys Successful OnlyFans Career And Says She’s Looking For A Second G-Spot

A woman who was born with two vaginas is not only enjoying a successful OnlyFans career but says she’s actually...

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World News1 week ago

Man With ‘World’s Biggest Penis’ Claims He’s Been Pursued By Many ‘Well-Known’ Celebs Who Are Desperate To Sleep With Him

A New York man who claims to have the world’s biggest penis has also said that several “well-known” celebrities have...

Trucks Trucks
World News1 week ago

Armored Truck Spills Money All Over California Freeway, Sparking Cash-Grabbing Frenzy

An armored truck caused a major traffic jam on a freeway in Carlsbad, California after it spilled tons of cash...

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World News1 week ago

Father Died ‘Bear-Hugging’ His 11-Year-Old Daughter To Protect Her From Impact Of Plane Crash

An 11-year-old girl was the only survivor of a plane crash at Welke Airport on Michigan’s Beaver Island after Laney...