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World News9 mins ago

Australian Man Falls In Love With Robot And Wants To Marry Her

An Australian man says that he fell in love with a robot named Emma that he got from China and...

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World News1 day ago

Man Receives First Pig-To-Human Heart Transplant In Monumental Surgery

A 57-year-old man has become the first person in the world to receive a successful pig-to-human heart transplant. David Bennett...

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World News2 days ago

Florida Attorney Accused Of Soaking Papers In Cocaine To Bring To Inmates

A Florida attorney is said to have tried to smuggle cocaine into a county jail by soaking papers in the...

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World News2 days ago

Police Officer Pleaded For Her Life Before Being Shot To Death With Her Own Gun

An Illinois police officer is said to have pleaded for her life before she was shot to death with her...

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World News3 days ago

5 Missing Teenage Girls Found And 30 Sex Offenders Arrested In Major Sting Operation

A major sting operation in New Orleans led to the discovery of five missing teenage girls and the arrest of...

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World News3 days ago

Woman Sues Mother’s Doctors For Allowing Her To Be Born

A 20-year-old British woman successfully sued her mother’s doctor for allowing her to be born. Evie Toombes was born was...

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World News4 days ago

Woman Whose Boobs Weigh 15 Pounds Wants Reduction So Men Stop ‘Honking’ Them In Public

A British woman whose breasts weigh 15 pounds has launched a campaign to raise the money needed for reduction surgery....

lotses lotses
World News6 days ago

OnlyFans Star Lottie Moss Devastated After Phone Number And Private Photos Leaked Online

Popular model and OnlyFans star Lottie Moss posted a tearful Instagram story this week after a former friend not only...

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World News1 week ago

Woman Uses Tampon Serial Number To Catch Cheating Boyfriend

A suspicious British woman went to great lengths to uncover her boyfriend’s lying, cheating ways by using a tampon’s serial...