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World News20 hours ago

Former Playboy Bunny Reveals Insane Rules For Living In Mansion Set By Hugh Hefner

A former Playboy Bunny has revealed the strict rules Hugh Hefner set for women living in the infamous mansion. Jenna...

9nbin93 9nbin93
World News2 days ago

Judge Requests Cardi B’s Herpes Test Results Ahead Of Lawsuit Hearing

A judge has ordered a US medical center to release the results of Cardi B’s STD tests as part of...

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World News3 days ago

Woman Climbs Into Lion Enclosure At Zoo With 2 Dozen Roses And Throws $1 Bills At ‘King’ Cat

Police are calling for the public’s help to locate a woman who climbed over a barrier near the Bronx Zoo’s...

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World News4 days ago

Preacher Claims Alien Reptile Disguised Itself As Her Husband To Have Sex With Her

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things online over the years, but something that happened on a recent episode of...

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World News4 days ago

Drunk Teacher Who Greeted Colleague By Shouting ‘Yo, Biatch!’ Banned From Classroom Forever

An elementary school teacher in Bradford in the UK has been banned from the profession after he showed up to...

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World News6 days ago

Webcam Model Accidentally Shoots Herself In The Vagina With 9mm Handgun During Video Shoot

A Georgia webcam model was left with serious injuries after she accidentally shot herself in the genitals in a “pornographic...

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World News6 days ago

Model Who Married Herself Has Filed For Divorce Only 90 Days After The Wedding

A Brazilian model who married herself in a lavish ceremony only 90 days ago is filing for divorce. While Cris...

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World News7 days ago

Vigilantes Tie ‘Thieves’ To Lamp Post And Paint Their Faces Like The Joker

A group of mysterious vigilantes has been rounding up thieves in the Mexican city of Rio Bravo and tying them...

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World News7 days ago

Singing Cocaine Cactus Toy Removed From Walmart

Walmart was forced to remove a singing cactus toy from its website after it was discovered the item was singing...