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demil demil
World News19 hours ago

Demi Lovato Says We Should Stop Calling Extraterrestrials ‘Aliens’ Because It’s Offensive

Demi Lovato has some very… interesting opinions that they’ve been voicing lately, but their latest outcry is perhaps one of...

98389983 98389983
World News2 days ago

Woman Says Her Pet Toucan’s Extreme Separation Anxiety Means She Can’t Ever Go On Vacation

A woman who adopted a pet toucan two years ago has admitted she struggles witn looking after the bird at...

hites hites
World News3 days ago

Police Find And Arrest Prosthetic Leg Thief With Stolen Limb Strapped To His Head

An Oklahoma man was arrested for armed robbery, the Tulsa Police Department said, after he reportedly stole a prosthetic leg...

988204 988204
World News3 days ago

New Superman Jon Kent Comes Out As Bisexual In New Comic

While Superman was always known as a big-time ladies’ man who was extremely heterosexual, DC Comics announced on Monday that...

new1 new1
World News4 days ago

Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh Execution: ‘He Died With His Eyes Open’

Timothy McVeigh, better known as the Oklahoma City Bomber, was executed on June 11,2001 at the Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary...

prent prent
World News6 days ago

Florida Veterinarian Who Filmed Himself Sexually Abusing Dogs Sentenced To Prison

A Florida veterinarian has been sentenced to 21 years in federal prison relating to charges of child pornography and sexually...

82048204 82048204
World News7 days ago

Woman Rushed To Hospital After 440-Pound Virgin Boyfriend Smashes Her Head Through Wall

A woman was rushed to the emergency room after her 440-pound virgin boyfriend accidentally slammed her head into a wall...

clsas clsas
World News7 days ago

Substitute Teacher Charged For Exposing Herself To Class While Doing A Cartwheel With No Underwear On

An Oklahoma substitute teacher was arrested for indecent exposure after she reportedly did a cartwheel in front of a classroom...

0385305 0385305
World News1 week ago

Furious Mom Confronts School Bus Driver Who Makes Her Kids Cry Every Day

An angry mom decided enough was enough and confronted a school bus driver she said makes her kids cry on...